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Having always been creative, expressing myself through drawing, sculpture and mixed media I thought it necessary to gain a formal qualification in art to further my career. I have recently gained a degree in conceptual contemporary fine art at Hallam University, Sheffield. Born in Newcastle and then moving to live in Nigeria at the age of nine with my Father, I have now settled in the Peak Disrict after 25 years in Nigeria. I have retained the love of Nigerian Art and crafts which is shown in the majority of my work. My work is experience-based and people oriented arising from my encounter with the hardships of Nigeria. My present work is a combination of my mixed heritage and the contrast of the two cultures and countries which I find Fascinating. I enjoy using wood as a medium of expression as it is a natural element, common to both cultures and is part of the countryside which I love.

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Zaria City.

Media: wood

Zaria City is an ancient Nigerian town containing mud buildings which lie in contrast with more recent British colonial structures. In this piece the arid atmosphere of this part of the country is captured by using pyrography techniques on wood.

Style: landscape

W x H: 128 X 38cm

£ 250 available


Media: wood

This piece consists of ebony, african darkwood, steamed pear and walnut carved into spikes and crosshatched to create a latticework.

Style: contemporary

W x H: 18.5 X 66cm

£ 130 available

the gwizzle of dreggs

Media: mixed

This is a lighthearted piece open to interpretation.

Style: contemporary

W x H: 43 X 34cm

£ 80 available

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 pieces